Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sitting on the other side

Today I made a simple phone call that ended up being pretty hard. 19 years ago one of my best friends and I drove a half hour down to West Haven, CT. We drove to a bone marrow drive that was free to get tested and get put on the National Registry. Since then I prided myself that I was going to save someone someday and make a difference. At the time I did not weigh enough to give blood. Damn I miss those skinny minnie days! 

Today I was watching MTVs True Life and there was a man on there that needed a bone marrow transplant. I thought "hmmm can I still donate with my RA?". I looked up the medical guidelines and guess what? I can't. 

So I pick up the phone and I get Matt. I tell him I need to be removed from the list and why. He said we don't actually remove you. We just change the status of your profile in the off chance you will need us as a patient. 

Need them as a patient?  Whoa!  I don't like being on this side of things. Well then again who does? Standard procedure for Matt. For me this is MY life. Rant over.

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  1. I don't know if I entered my comment in the right place.I said that I have no rheumatologist. I was on medicaid when I got a post card from my former primary care physician that my rheumatoid count was approximately 104,when <14> is the normal range. I asked my new PCP if he would order a blood panel including my rheumatoid count, as my former PCP's card was the first time I had been told this, and I wanted to know if I had RA. He said "oh,you so, and showed me a copy of the old results. Neither my pain management doctor, nor pcp ever referred me to a rheumatologist, or mentioned it again. Does anyone know how serious this number is? I'm afraid to find out,but I will have to try to find a rheumatologist, in the meantime, I have been studying natural ways to get "cured". I found this on Pinterest and it's terrifying.
    Anyone have knowledge of the seriousness of this kind of count?