Friday, October 25, 2013

The last of the knee updates (for now)

So last I left off with my knee surgery recovery I had the splints. One for flexion I wore at night and one for extension I wore during the day. All summer. The long hot summer. Splints 24/7. Well I can tell you now it was so worth it. 

As I pushed myself with exercising and physical therapy I could see more mobility everyday. It was minimal but it as there. I think that's the most challenging thing about recoupration. We expect big changes right away and when that doesn't come, well, we are discouraged. 

So here I am at the end of the summer and guess what!?!? I broke the wire in my knee. I heard a pop and went and got an xray and sure enough, (don't worry, that's a good thing) the wire was broken. I went in on Aug 15 and got the wire removed because as you can imagine that didn't feel good poking at the cartilage that was left. It was a 6 minute surgery no joke. It took 2 hours to drive there each way and it took 6 minutes to take the darn thing out. Here's a picture before they took it out.

The next day I was immediately back in therapy and already saw a few degrees more mobility. Since then we've been pushing hardcore to get everything back to normal. I can tell you that as of this past Wed (post op 9 months) I can extend my knee fully and my flexion is at 120 and climbing. 140 is perfect range of motion. I'll be there in no time. 

I had a follow up with Dr. Davis up in Boston this past Tues and he said I am ready for knee number 2! It's funny because I have been limping for a few weeks and I've been frustrated with some new swelling that has occured (post op knee). I had also noticed that the right knee that hasn't been fixed yet was also causing some pain. Dr. Davis gave me a Synvisc and a cortisone shot to give me some releif until surgery. I can't beleive it! no limping. I was in so much pain on the right that I was over using the good knee. The one I had fixed. Since the shot I can walk normal. 

I just got the phone call that my surgery will be next Thurs Oct 31! OMG I'm super excited. That means by the summer I can swim, ride my bike, dance, have fun on vacation at the Jersey Shore. This is the begining of a new life and I can't wait to embrace it. I've been through the worst of it. I know what not to do to mess up my therapy. I am amped up and ready to go! Wish me luck!


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  3. Thanks for the post! Dealing with arthritis is difficult. Its good to know there are others who have had improvements.

  4. “We expect big changes right away and when that doesn't come, well, we are discouraged.”—We can never expedite the healing of our body. It should be given enough time to adjust to changes; the entire healing period itself. Sometimes, carelessness lead into a longer period of recovery. It is always safe to wait til your knee completely heals than risk it and becomes more damaged. Luckily, what happened to you can still be fixed. I know it is exciting to be going back to your usual activities, especially on summer. But see to it that you have the go-signal from your doctors.