Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I have found that no matter how good of a day I have, every night I am reminded that I have a chronic illness. Medications. No way to get around them. They are there waiting for me every night at 10p.m. I didn't realize how I loathed that moment until this past May. For 10 days, every night I took my medications with Peggy. Both of us sitting there at the table, downing our meds. It was soooo nice. It was in a way symbolic of our RA journey. One obstacle we were tackling together.

So I thought I would list the medications I take. Just in case some of you newbies to RA are on any of them and you have any questions. I have listed next to the medication why I am on it also. You can comment below or email me by clicking on the contact me tab above. All are pills unless indicated otherwise.

Cartia ~ blood pressure
Lisinopril ~ blood pressure
Hydrochlorothiazide ~ blood pressure
Amitriptyline ~ fibromyalgia pain
Methotrexate (shot)~ slows the progression of RA
Folic Acid ~ helps with methotrexate side effects
Enbrel (shot)~ relieves RA symptoms
Cymbalta ~ RA pain
Tramadol ~ RA pain
Clonazepam ~ anxiety for when I take the shots
Lidoderm Patches ~ port pain
Minocycline ~ gets rid of the achy flu like feeling
Pantoprazole ~ repairing stomach damage from being on NSAIDs
Prednisone ~ used to get flare under control

So that's all of them. That's what I'm on until further notice.


  1. Brings back lots of med memories. Hopefully the meds are working for you and stay at it for a very, very long time.

  2. Hope this is your "magic bullet" and it puts you in remission! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am on many of these meds especially the Bp meds and then more b/c I have to take diabetic meds and anxiety meds different and was on cymbalta changed to savella for fibro now, added many others was in the embrel now on orencia