Saturday, April 7, 2012


Goodbye Orencia! I would like to say it was nice knowing you but I can't. You did nothing good for me. This week I have my kidney surgery then we try Enbrel. I only had one TNF fail before going on Orencia so Dr. V wants to get another one under my belt just to make sure we are going in the right direction. If Enbrel works I can get my port out! Woot woot! Thank God I already have a man with these scars on my chest. Hey it's not like I have to advertise any more right?

I have recruited my exes wife to give me the Enbrel. Last time I gave myself a shot I passed out and hit my head. So she offered to do the deed. She admitted that she just likes to help so she can say she stabbed her husbands ex. Nice huh? Actually she's really very sweet to help out. Plus she just had a baby so I get baby time!

So right now I am off biologics, off NSAIDs, and of DMARDs. So far things are manageable. I still can't do all that I'd like but I'm holding my own. Please pray that this kidney surgery does not send me into a flare.

I'm looking forward to May because I will finally meet my Peggy. We have big plans for that week including a little mini vacation. More people are signing up for the Arthritis Walk including more Squeakers. Oh and I almost forgot. As I am typing this I am wearing my Squeaky Joints T-Shirt! We just got them in this week and they are super cute!

So that's all I've got. Hopefully I can do one more post before the surgery. Hope everyone is having a pain free day!


  1. Putting out all the positive thought I can for this surgery and that it goes well for you! And hopefully Enbrel will be your magic bullet for you.

  2. Sometimes the going gets tough and itis very hard to boost the morale and fight the disease...but try hard as you must and things will surely fall into place.