Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Cute Story

My daughter wrote this story and I thought it was really cute. With the Arthritis Foundation Walk coming up
in our area it has been a topic of conversation around our house. I love the innocence of a child.

The Lemonade Stand
By Julia age 8

One Friday afternoon as you and your B.F.F’S Molly, Chloe, and Kaylee where sitting on your front porch when Chloe, Kaylee, and Molly heard a big sigh. That sigh was coming from you. “Julia, what’s wrong!” said Kaylee. “Tell us.” said Molly. “Yeah.” said Chloe. “Well, my mom goes to the Arthritis Walk every year and I want to do something you know to raise money and awareness for Arthritis. What should I do?” you say. “How about a barber stand.” said Molly. “Molly you know everything we do doesn’t have to do with hair.” said Kaylee. “Well that wasn’t very nice.” said Molly. “O.K. Anywho instead doing a barber stand and all of the hair stuff. How about, a face painting stand.” said Chloe. “Well that is a good idea but I don’t know how to paint.” you say. “Well how about a-” When Kaylee almost finished her sentence your mom walked to the front porch and said “Refreshments!” “Sure.” you say. You, Chloe, Kaylee, and Molly each take a glass. “Mom. Why do you have an extra glass?” you ask your mom. “That’s for Mike.” your mom said. You turn your and head then say…


“What?” said Mike. “Go! Stay out of our business!” you say. “O.k.” said Mike. “I’m goin’.” “Good,” you say. “Now. We were thinking about stands right?” you say. “Right!” said Molly, Kaylee, Chloe, and…


You say. “What are still doing here?” “Mom said I could sit here if I wanted to. So I did.”


You say. Mom came rushing out. “Mike is annoying us!” you say. “Mike inside now!” said your mom. “Hmm. I think I’ll have some lemonade.” you say. While you were slurping you had an idea! “I got it! We could do a lemonade stand.” You went inside and told mom about the lemonade stand and your mom said “You can do the lemonade stand if you could do it by yourself.” “It’ll easy peasy. Don’t worry.” You say exiting and going back outside. But you had something to worry about. How will you do it?

“My mom has a table?” said Chloe. “My mom has big paper?” said Kaylee. “My mom has a lemonade recipe?” said Molly. “Perfect. Girls were in business!”


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  1. Too cute! And if the stand is set up, I have no doubt it will make money :-)