Saturday, December 31, 2011

What you may not know about calcium

It's funny the little things you think about when you are laid up in bed. Today I was thinking about some of the questions and concerns regarding muscles I've seen in the group. If you haven't seen my video on why we get muscle spasms you might want to watch that first.

Ok that being said I want to tell you about calcium. You have heard that calcium is a very important part of your diet. Growing up your mom always said it was good for your bones. What you might not know is that it is also important for your muscles. One of the components to helping your muscle contract is calcium. From running a marathon to just changing the channel on the remote you are using calcium to help move those muscles. Even your heart muscle uses calcium. Think of all the muscles involved in one little movement. 

Now knowing how much your body relies on calcium to work answer this question. If  you are not getting the recommended calcium in your diet everyday where is it coming from? What is supplying your muscles with the calcium needed to move? With 99% of your bodies calcium being stored in your bones and 1% in your blood you bet it'll be coming from your bones. That can lead to frail bones that break easily. Add to that the fact that you have RA and doesn't that just make your joints hurt thinking about it? 

If you do take in the recommended amount of calcium which is about 1,000mg/day your muscles will use the calcium you supply that ends up in your blood stream and that will be enough. Your muscles won't look to your bones for it's supply. So like your mama said "drink your milk"!


  1. I have been taking pregnisone for years now due to med allergies to the other dmrads out there for ra and have been on calcium and vit d right along with the pregnisone. We need both of these vitamins to work together. Great post! I have terrible tendon issues going on right now and for the life of me I can't figure out what is going on with all of them. I know ra can attack just about everything in the body so I am figuring it is my ra playing a role in the tendon problems. Don't you wish we could have some magic fairy dust to sprinkle on ourselves to make all of this just go away.

  2. There are so many things like this that we are forced to learn with RA, some by curiosity some by force! I have found out the hard way that Potassium is another mineral we need to ensure stays in the required level! Trust me, you NEVER want a Potassium infusion. So drink your milk and EAT a banana! :)