Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guess What? I am an Inspiration!

Apparently my last post regarding the obituary of my energy inspired my sister to make her own announcement. This was just delivered to my email:

"Brigid Laurito is pleased to announce, after years of trying, she gave birth to a healthy sense of humor.  Labor came on with a smirk and grew into a giggle until it reached its pinnacle with guffaws.  She was unable after hours of pushing down her feelings to contain her sense of humor.  A gut busting C-section of thunderous laughter brought the sense of humor into her world.  We are so happy we can stop laughing at her and begin laughing with her."

Props to Kara Sheftel. Glad to be your big sister and your inspiration.


  1. Love the comparisons! You guys must have some great holiday dinners when you all get together :-)

  2. We laughed hysterically throughout the induction and delivery of my second child. The epidural helped...She's funny, but she ain't that funny.