Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not so scary now

I came to a realization today so humor me if you will.

We are programed from a young age to know that life isn't always laughter and gumdrops. We know early on that bad things will happen in the future. Though childhood woes (for me at least) were my sister getting the bigger brownie and only having one cabbage patch kid. I couldn't fathom anything worse. My parents did a good job of balancing out that yes there will be bad, you will survive, be happy again, and be better for it.

Today I was talking to my neighbor who is 72 years young. She has survived brain aneurisms, a bad heart valve, and many other things. She told me everyday she wakes up and thanks God that she is still here and her body is working perfect and she can get out and live. All these problems and she considers her body to be a well oiled machine. What a lesson huh?

So it got me thinking. We have all gone through horrible things and we made it. Why, because at the time we weren't focused on doing anything but pushing forward and surviving. I don't know about you but when I look back on some of the things I've gotten through I think "holy shit!" I came out the other side! And I'm fine if not better! I have looked RA in the face, said FURA, and have kept charging forward!

That got me thinking. What if we reverse the attitude? Changed what we thought of upcoming challenges knowing we will always do what we have to do, not thinking in the moment about what is happening. Knowing we will always survive. Maybe not come out standing, but have the ability to brush ourselves off and call ourselves stronger. Less scary don't you think?

I don't have RA because it was my dumb luck. I was gifted RA because God knew of all the people in the world, his Brigid is strong enough to survive.


  1. My whole life, I have looked up to the elderly. I have often found their stories of life comforting
    I know they have walked the path, and I have learned from them. I am not sure why I have been drawn to the elderly. Is it because I have an old soul...and they are elderly?? I find comfort during the hard times when I look back at all the journeys that have been traveled by my family, in history.... I come from strong stalk. Travels far oceans to come to the United States..with little to no money and not speaking the language...that takes BRAVERY. God game me RA and I am brave!

  2. 13 years into my journey and every day I try to say, "I can do this, I can make a difference in this world and still laugh, love, and enjoy." Elders in this world have so much wisdom, kindness, and fortitude to offer. I have always found a fascination with the elderly. For me they have so much knowledge to share and so many stories to tell.