Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm gonna warn all the men reading this post that I'm gonna talk about "woman" stuff. Don't worry. Nothing gross. You can keep reading.

So we've all seen those commercials for feminine products, women running through fields of flowers, laying by the pools laughing with her friends. We all know that's not reality. Still waiting on the commercial to show a woman doubled over in pain, in sweatpants not tight jeans holding a hot water bottle to her abdomen. There is even a commercial out there that mocks these other ads saying "oh so that's what is supposed to happen".

I found myself saying the same thing while watching commercials for RA. The Celebrex commercial with the guy running on the beach. The Orencia commercial where suddenly you can open jars. The Humira commercial where people are doing Tai Chi. So that's what is supposed to happen. Meanwhile I have been on all of these and I have not tried Tai Chi, or running on the beach without my cane, and I could never go without my handy little grippy thing for my jars.

That is the picture America is painted in regards to RA. If you don't have RA or know someone that does, chances are you've never heard of it. Then you see one of these drug commercials that educates you. Now you know all about RA. No wonder the worlds perception of this disease is skewed. No wonder we get comments like "you don't look sick". Or people suggesting treatments or remedies that they assume you've never heard of. Not understanding the debilitating pain we overcome everyday.

Yesterday I felt like all of us RA peeps were making a difference and getting the awareness out. Today I feel like the drug companies made us take 2 steps back.


  1. I totally agree! I have been told.....oh you can try Humira ... its a magic drug...and you should be fine...You will be fine! I say... well its paid for by the drug companies...and of course they are not going to show the truth... they want to sell their drug. I am thankful for the drugs... but the truth needs to be told. I will never be running free on the beach.... but I can walk. Great Post. We should do a commercial showing real people with RA... like the dove commercials do..and the Hanes commercial's.. Lets do it... I have a great video camera.. and we can do utube.

  2. OMG a true RA commercial would be hysterical. We could get the elderly to run around us in circles!

  3. And here I was going to post something all serious and all until I read your response...RLOL! Reminded me of the other day when a senior citizen opened the door for me. Like we don't already have enough on our plates and now we have to undo all the damage these commercials are doing about ra.

  4. I so agree!!!!!! I think RA sufferers should make our own commercial forn non RA'ers.......cuz I am always suprised by people who still believe commercials are

  5. Amen and amen! I just love it when ppl go "well you're on meds and you're OK now, right?" Blah! I even said something to my doc last time around: "you know, I don't expect to be like the ppl in the commercials, out playing tennis, but I do want to feel a BIT better". She just shook her head and was like "I hate those commercials; I have to un-do my patients' thinking that THEY are gonna actually run around like that and in reality, most of them won't" (have I said: I LOVE MY DOC). Sigh, yeah, we should make our own commercial.