Friday, September 23, 2011


So I worked in a pharmacy for a few years and all the while having this autoimmune disease, I never got sick. (boy that sentence contradicts itself!) Let me clarify. I never came down with the flu or a cold or anything like that. I remember the swine flu outbreak being a few months after my diagnosis and thinking "oh crap time to find another profession". I just kept doing the things I was used to and I survived. I thought I would share those tips with you.

  • Knowing that the way you catch colds are through your mucus glands absorbing the germs I washed my hands frequently. If my eye itched I knew not to touch it until I washed my hands. Same rules applied for nose and mouth. I tried to really be conscious of not touching my face.
  • Then I found out the average person touches their face about 16 times an hour without even realizing it. Try being conscious of something you didn't know you were doing. I tried my best.
  • Another thing I did was make my home a germ free haven. Not in the OCD way of scrubbing everything down every hour. I have a husband that works in an office with recycled air and a daughter that comes into contact with hundreds of runny nosed kids. When they come home, before they even kiss me, they change. They get out of their germ filled clothes and throw them directly in the hamper.
  • The last thing, no one EVER uses my pillow and cases are changed 2-3times a week. If you wanna sit on my bed sit on the comforter. If the comforter is not on the bed...find a chair. Also guests are not allowed in my room either.

Those are my rules to stay healthy. I wasn't like this before I got the autoimmune disease. I am now and it has worked for me. Going on 5 years now of not getting sick so with no immune system so I'm doing something right. And no I do not get the flu shot.


  1. My favs for keeping germ free (and I have a hubby that works in the restaurant business....front of house and a daughter going to college while living at home): I have my own toothpaste and never/ever share it and I keep my toothbrush away from everyone and everything. I do keep our phones clean as we all tend to use them. I wipe them down with alcohol at least once per day and particularly the mouthpiece. And like you, I don't get any of the shots and so good. Hope we all stay germ free this next upcoming season :-) Oh yeah...doorknobs, I wipe them down at least once per week also...particularly the front door ones.

  2. I'm with you on all of this. I'm a "germophobe" as well. I can hear a cough or a sniffle from a long ways away. I'm fortunate in that I have my own office within the office. The staff knows that if they are sick they are not allowed near my office. My tissues aren't on my desk as an offering for those who are sick - no, they're on the side where only I can reach them. I wash my hands frequently and stay away from those who are sick. The worst is when you are in public and the person running your cash register is coughing and hacking. UGH!!! I try to pay with the debit card and wash up after. Or at least use the hand sanitizer that is in the car.

    These strategies have helped me reduce my illnesses. It amazes me how some of the people I know get sick several times a year. I might get sick once. I also do get the flu shot (the first year was rough but since then I've done fine) and I had a pheumonia shot last year at the recommendation of my PCP and RH docs.

    Happy Health!!