Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

I'm up and I can't sleep. Busy, busy, busy week ahead and a lot on my mind.

MONDAY ~ Julia has dress rehearsal for Bye Bye Birdie. Joe and I are going to Boston to see my rheumatologist. Since my last visit I have gone to a pain clinic. My rheumatologist wont prescribe pain meds. That was a bust as you know from an earlier post. The pain clinic wants me to do physical therapy a couple times a week. $50 copay each session. With one income, a mortgage, and let's not forget all those meds, we can't afford that. The doctor at the pain clinic basically said ok well you're on your own then. So now I have to explain to him that nothing is working. I don't like that. Fix it. Same song and dance. I want meds to work right away. He says I need to be patient. If he wasn't one of the top in his field I would have left. Uuuggghhhh! And to top it all off. This week my hips have started to have pain. On the flip side I am meeting an old friend from high school that I haven't seen since college up there for dinner. It'll be a nice end to the day

TUESDAY ~ More dress rehearsal for Jules. My friend Stephanie is coming over!! We met in massage school a few years back. Literally hated each other. She always asked questions and wanted homework. Yeah you know THAT girl. Eventually we became great friends but in June she moved to Mississippi. Well she is back in town and she is coming over!! She's also bringing her dog Roscoe so Sophie will have a little playmate. How cute is that!?!?

WEDNESDAY ~ The final dress rehearsal is here!! I am so proud of my girl let me just tell you. At age 6 to have a dream and fulfill it on your own. I am so proud of her. This group that she is performing with did a production of Wizard of Oz last year. My girl was in awe! She had a huge grin, on the edge of her seat, wide eyed and just amazed. She turned to me and said "mom, that's gonna be me next year" And she did it! She inspires me.

THURSDAY ~ Day 1 of production. Then after we will be hosting dinner at our place. My parents, my sister, brother in law, nephews, Joe, and Julia. We're gonna cook some food on the grill then sit back and watch the kids play in the pool. And the reason for this special dinner brings us to...

FRIDAY ~ Day 2 production. Earlier that day though my dad is going in for open heart surgery. I admit I am terrified. I love my dad. I am the firstborn but still Daddy's little princess at age 36. I pray all goes well. I can't lose him. He is an amazing man with such a good heart. He adores me and my daughter even more. He takes her out on "dates" every few weeks. He loves my husband as if he's his own son. I couldn't ask for a better man to call my father. So fight hard daddy! I love you more than anything.

Well wouldn't you know I'm tired now! Nothing can stop me not even RA so FURA! Off to la la land I go. Night all!

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  1. hope you find the right combination of medications to provide you with just the right treatment for your RA! Your posts show was a determined, clear headed gal you are so just keep it up and continue to be the strong advocate for yourself that you are! In the end, you will win....Nan