Friday, July 15, 2011

I take it back!

Yesterday my husband and I drove to Boston to see my pain doctor. I also saw the on call Rheumatologist that is taking over while mine is in vacation. First off I want to tell you how awesome this doctors office is. I never have to babysit them and ride their ass to get things done. I called on Tuesday to see if I could get in Wednesday because I was already going to be on the BIDMC campus. It was then that my nurse told me my doctor was on vacation until Aug 1. (ironically we are his first appointment back from vacation) My nurse then said she could fit me in on Thursday or Friday. I said okay to Friday but I wasn't to keen on driving back to Boston again. I should back up and tell you that I went to my primary doctor about the sores on my abdomen and he said to see my rheumatologist immediately. He thought I had some crazy disease caused by the methotrexate. So this brings me to my phone call with my nurse. So we got off the phone and the plan was to go up Wednesday to my regular pain clinic appointment and go up Friday to see the on call Rheumatologist.

Tuesday night at about 5:30 I have a message on my phone. A staff member in the rheumatologists office called and said "I see you're trying to get in here tomorrow. I just emailed the on call doctor and he'll let me know what he can do. Do not leave Boston without calling me first"

In the morning we make the drive to Boston and sign in at the pain clinic. We get in to talk to the doctor. My husbands phone rings and it's the on call rheumatologist. "Come on down when you are done, we'll see you." So we did and it turns out I'm allergic to something and I don't have a strange disease and I'm not a freak.

I am still amazed at the level of care I get up there. If I see a doctor and I'm like 45 minutes early they take me right away so I can get right back home. They apologize if I have to wait 2 minutes because they know I must want to be getting on my way back to CT. So this office went above and beyond to work together to get me in there because I was from CT and they didn't want me to have to come back. It was so great! I have met 1 doctor in CT out of the 50 I have gone to that has treated me like that.

So back to the pain clinic. I was excited to tell my doctor the pain patch was working for my port. My joints though are still hurting. He suggested physical therapy 3-4 times a week. I was very excite because if I can just push throughout the initial pain I can do therapy and better my body. No pain pills.

Well I call my insurance and they only cover 20 visits a year. So 3x a week will only bring me to what 6 weeks. Also (if that doesn't suck enough) I have to pay a copay of $50 each time I go!! That's $900!!! out of pocket for 6 weeks! I can't afford that!

So to sum it up I have a call into the pain doctor to see what plan B is. I, just in the last few days, have bragged about my good insurance and how awesome they are. Well....I take it back!!


  1. So what is the plan on the allergy problem? When I had allergic reactions I was pulled off all my meds and then restarted each blasted one again and when that one didn't cause the allergy...started the next one. It could be the most recently added new med...maybe they could start there but I hate assuming anything with these diseases and meds. I sure hope you get this all straightened out soon. And it is wonderful to see an office and doctors treat us like we really do matter and they want our business and respect :-) Such a breath of fresh air. And don't get me started on insurances.

  2. Actually the allergic reaction has nothing to do with the meds so who knows. Could be something I ate. Something I touched. It is going away so that's good. Maybe next week I cam actually get in the pool!