Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Proud mama!

In the morning my daughter will leave for school a 2nd grader. A few hours later she will come home a 3rd grader. Such a big change that seems to happen in an instant when that last school bell for the year rings. It makes me think back to all the growing since September.

It has been this year that my daughter has realized her mom is not like other moms. Julia knows she just can't run up and slam into me and squeeze me with all she has to give me the biggest hug ever. She has learned that her mother sometimes can't share her crayons and draw rainbows. She has learned her mother can not run along side her at the park. After a long day, with no meal on the table, she has learned that most likely she will eat take out at home because just sitting through a meal at a restaurant is exhausting for her mother. Julia has learned that swinging on the cart at the grocery store is bad because mom will loose her balance. Never, never run into the house screaming no matter how excited because mommy may be sleeping. My daughter knows what the inside of a cancer center looks like. My daughter knows the God she loves makes people she cares about into angels that watch over her. My daughter knows how to fall asleep at night without her mommy's kisses because the doctors are watching her over night. And the hardest one...No matter how much you cry, mommy can't give you a brother or sister so you can experience what you see all your cousins doing.

Through sadness you grow. You blossom. My daughter now shows compassion. My daughter now shows empathy. My daughter knows moments are to be lived in and cherished. Never forgotten or taken for granted. My daughter knows to always tell someone how important they are to you because it might be what they need to hear at that exact time and they might not be here to hear it again. My daughter knows the love of family and friends that rally to help you when you are down.

She is amazing and one of the best people I know. Her strength, braveness, and patience assure me that she is going to be just fine. These are the lessons we take from this year. Im sure there are more from those unsung heroes in my life. She is on the right track. She will keep making me proud in the years to come.

I love you sweetheart! Hurry home so we can celebrate.

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  1. What a touching tribute to your daughter and a truthful testimony to the ra journey. My daughter is now 20 and the changes are true (for her and you) but do know that through this journey we give to society individuals that will give back, that truly are compassionate and have a depth of the true meaning of life.