Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not so lonely now

With this autoimmune thing I have going on I really don't like germs. I worked 3 years in a pharmacy and never got so much as a cold. I did get RA but we all know that's not contagious. Wash wash wash those hands. Take a script from a customer, wash your hands, ring a customer out, wash those hands. Many times during my shift you would find me wiping down the counter, the phones, the keyboard. Yes I am that woman that takes her paper towel to open the public bathroom door after washing her hands. I do this why? Because the average person touches their face 16 times an hour without even realizing it. Viruses, colds etc mostly get into your system via your eyes, nose, or mouth. My husband calls me borderline OCD. I say I'm protecting myself and my compromised immune system.

Knowing this you can imagine Joe's reaction when back in the fall I said I wanted a dog. Julia was on board. Hey what kid wouldn't be? Joe was totally against it. Well and he thought i was just going through a phase. A fourth mouth to feed, additional costs, and he would end up taking the dog out for walks all the time. What would I do with the days I couldn't get out of bed?

As the months went by we tried to convince Joe that both Julia and I would benefit from this additional family member. He was warming up to the idea but was still leery. He kept saying we would reevaluate the decision in a few months. Me, I kept my search going for the perfect fit for our family. I was online every night looking at the local shelters, checking the new dogs that came in, oohing and awing and the cute little bundles.

Then last month I found her! A sweet little Jack Russell Terrier. She was just over a year old and had just been shipped up her from a NC shelter. Her owner had to move and couldn't take her with her. I saw her picture online and I was in love. I went down to the shelter the next day with my friend Stephanie and we met her. She was such a sweetheart! We played with her and gave her treats and snuggled. We made a plan to come back the next day with Joe and Julia to see how everyone would get along. Joe saw her and I together and I could tell he was softening. An hour later the 4 of us left the shelter together. One happy family.

She is such a blessing. She sleeps when I sleep, nuzzled up next to me. She knows which joints hurt and when and she licks them trying to make them feel better. She keeps me company during the day. She gets me out and walking. Julia is an only child and loves the companionship. Joe rough houses with her and runs her tired. We were warned that there was going to be an adjustment period and not to get frustrated. So far she has been the perfect dog picking up on our rules so fast. Making friends in the neighborhood.

So here she is... Our Sophie :-)


  1. I have this thing....I believe she found you and for good reason :-) Your family needed her as much as she needed you. I know our two kitties found us too and for that I am very grateful. I think our four legged friends bring a joy into our lives that is irreplaceable. Sophie is a keeper! Give her a scratch behind the ear from me :-)

  2. She's so darn cute- I can't wait to meet her next time I visit!!